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Penultimate Generation 2011 Written by Matthew Weinstein Based on the BSD game trek Released through a bsd license. I first played a variation of trek in 1978 on a Xerox Sigma-9 mainframe at Oberlin College. It caused me to miss my first college class it was so engaging. Many years later (late 1980s) I tried to recreate it--more or less--and add a few twists. It was more of an excuse to learn c++ than an effort to implement my memory of the original. It was written in Symantec's dialect of c++ (which included an inherited keyword) for Mac OS. A few days ago I found the source. With a little labor I was able to bring it back to life. I have included the xcode file here and mac binary, but it should be straightforward compiling on any posix system. It needs to be run in a terminal that interprets ansi codes for positioning and clearing of the screen. I'd love it if someone would send me a Makefile for this, but that is left as an exercise for the (non-macosx) user. Help is provided by the computer. The login name is gene (as in Roddenberry) July 13, 2011
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