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ReadMe.txt for osm2postgresql: Questions and suggestions are welcome here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/osm2postgresql/support Versions 0.5* have been tested on large .osm files. Still, given the higher number of options available and special cases taken into account, it has not been tested in every possible configuration yet. If this works for you, please say it on the forum or drop me a line at: mayeul D.O.T kauffmann @AROBASE@ free D.O.T fr (Better if you mention the following: versions of GNU/Linux, postgresql, postgis, size of .osm or .pbf file; name of .osm or .pbf file if it is available on cloudmade or geofabrik websites. Thanks!). Release notes for version 0.5rc4 -------------------------------- * Now --install option fully tested (in virtualized environment), with better support for setting up password (in testing environments) See http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Osm2postgresql * Fixes issue with various hstore creation functions on various hstore versions Release notes for version 0.5rc3 -------------------------------- Fixes two bugs reported by g0ldfish: * "--install option: fails to export path" http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&atid=2072919&aid=3480106&group_id=509895 * "Script does not write to stout anymore, only to logfile" http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3480037&group_id=509895&atid=2072919 Release notes for version 0.5rc2 -------------------------------- * Fixes "always tries to create db" bug. (thanks for bug report) Release notes for version 0.5rc1 -------------------------------- Improvements and bug fixes: * Uses osmosis-0.40 * More work done by osmosis and faster loading in postgresql * Added ANALYSE steps during processing to accelerate things * Now really guarantee uniqueness of new IDs created for polygons * Fully uses hstore where possible (faster) * Adds better comments to database and basic information on script version, .osm file (date, size, name...) used * Improved logging to text files * Renamed long version of --rivers parameter into --rivers_as_is * Supports both .osm and .pbf (new --pbf option, faster) * Gives the user the opportunity to avoid having to type root/sudo password (see help for --datadir and --no_mkdir). Typical use involves doing this as sudo/root before launching osm2postgresql: sudo mkdir ~/datafolder sudo chown ~/datafolder * Always use designated ${psql_folder}/psql * use $username where `whoami` was incorrectly used * Keep old (user-customized) osmosis-0.40/ files * Many small bug fixes: remove duplicated $dbname parameter in many lines Thanks for all comments on sourceforge.net! They inspired some of those changes. Release notes for version 0.4 -------------------------------- * Now supports postgresql 9.0 * Detects if language "plpgsql" is already installed in database The above two improvements are related (see https://sourceforge.net/projects/osm2postgresql/forums/forum/1683571/topic/4590620 ) Thanks to thagorx for reporting the issue! * Adds the following option (useful when there are several postgresql versions installed) -x, --psql_folder folder where psql executable is installed (e.g. /usr/lib/postgresql/9.0/bin/) By default, the script will search in the path. * Improves the "How to remove files/data" hints ############################## Release notes for version 0.3 ------------------------------ This version provides a few bug fixes and a few improvements. Main bug fixes are: - Do not rely on latest osmosis but on a fixed version. This PREVENTED THIS SCRIPT TO WORK since the release of Osmosis 0.39 in early April 2011 (sorry for this). The osmosis team does not provide backward compatibility in the sense that their script names have changed (even for those which, apparently, still do the same thing). osm2postgresql now downloads a specific version of osmosis to avoid surprises. - Better management of the path if using the --install option See: https://sourceforge.net/projects/osm2postgresql/forums/forum/1683571/topic/4507607
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