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2014 06 02 - v13.0 This major release adds first support to export Oracle Spatial Objects to PostGis Spatial objects. There's also a new configuration directive to allow logging of statement failures to prevent Ora2Pg to abort and continue to load valid data. The other main feature is the possibility to convert DDL files without needing an Oracle database connection, until now this was reserved to files containing stored procedures. There's also several bug fixes. - Allow error logging during data import. This feature controlled by the LOG_ON_ERROR directive allow you to not abort the data import process when an error is encountered and to log to a file the COPY or INSERT statement that generate the error. After fixing the statement you will be able to load the missing data. Thanks to menardoram for the feature request. - Force export type to be INSERT when COPY is used and a table have a GEOMETRY column. I can not find a solution to export as copy statement for the moment. Thanks to Dominique Legendre and Vincent Picavet for the help. - Fix export of user defined type as object. Thanks to Shanshan Wang for the report. - Limit look up of objects to the ALLOW or EXCLUDE filter into the SQL query instead of the Perl code to avoid retrieving huge list of objects on such database. Thanks to menardorama for the feature request. - Add support to spatial data export in INSERT mode. Still need some work in COPY export mode if possible. - Fix query to retrieve SRID that broken with patch on CONVERT_SRID. - Fix wrong filter with ALLOW directive when getting list of partition. - Add GRANT export read from an input file. - Fix data type conversion when using input file and data type such varchar2(10 BYTE). - Add export of comment with TABLE and VIEW exports using an input file. - Add extraction of TABLESPACE from an input file. - Add support to SEQUENCE extraction from input file. - Fix wrong filter with ALLOW directive when exporting partition. The filter was done on partition name instead of table name, that mean that setting ALLOW directive was resulting in no export at all. Thanks to menardorama for the report. - Add CONVERT_SRID configuration directive to control the automatic conversion of SRID to standard EPSG using the Oracle SDO function sdo_cs.map_oracle_srid_to_epsg() Oracle function. Thanks to Dominique Legendre for the help. - Fix a typo in the create index prefix on partitioned tables. Thanks to menardorama for the patch. - Fix non replacement of destination during SHOW_COLUMN and COPY export. Using MODIFY_TYPE was only working in TABLE export. - Force pl/sql conversion with TABLE export to replace advanced default values. Fix code TRUNC(SYSDATE, MONTH) in default value and everywhere that should be: date_trunc(month,LOCALTIMESTAMP). Thanks to menardorama for the report. - Fix code regarding unique partition index naming. Thanks to menardorama for the report. - Add PREFIX_PARTITION configuration directive. When enabled it will force renaming all partition table name with the name of the parent table. Thanks to menardoram for the feature request. - Add AUTODETECT_SPATIAL_TYPE in configuration file and documentation about this new directive. - Add export of SDO_GEOMETRY column type. They are basically exported to the non-constrained "geometry" type with SRID if defined. When the configuration directive AUTODETECT_SPATIAL_TYPE is enable, Ora2Pg will try to autodetect the geometry type, the dimension and the SRID used to set a constrained geometry type. For example, in the first case column shape with Oracle type SDO_GEOMETRY will be converted as: shape geometry(GEOMETRY) or shape geometry(GEOMETRY, 4326) and in the second case, with constrained geometry type: shape geometry(POLIGONZ, 4326) with a three dimensional polygon. Thanks to Vincent Picavet for the feature request and specification. - Add support to spatial index read from file. - Add export of Oracle spatial index. For example, index: CREATE INDEX cola_spatial_idx ON cola_markets(shape) INDEXTYPE IS MDSYS.SPATIAL_INDEX; will be exported as CREATE INDEX cola_spatial_idx ON cola_markets USING GIST(shape); Thanks to Vincent Picavet / Oslandia for the feature request and explanations. - Allow TRIGGER export to parse an input file with Oracle DML orders. - Add PG_SUPPORTS_CHECKOPTION configuration directive to not remove WITH CHECK OPTION in create view statement. It is supported in PostgreSQL 9.4. - Allow VIEW export to parse an input file with Oracle DML orders. - Allow TABLE export to parse an input file with Oracle DML orders. - Add SYNCHRONOUS_COMMIT configuration directive disabled by default. This is the current behavior of Ora2Pg, it set synchronous_commit to off before data import to PostgreSQL. This is only used when you load data directly to PostgreSQL, the default is off to disable synchronous commit to gain speed at writing data. Some modified or old version of PostgreSQL, like Greenplum, do not have this setting. - Add some useful information for Windows user in documentation. Thanks to Roger Park for the report. - Fix case when parentheses are omitted in index creation. Thanks to Yuri Ushakov for the report. - Fix export type PACKAGE when ALLOW is defined to extract only some packages. Thanks to Maciej Bak for the report. - Fix INSERT export where backslash should be escaped and single be doubled in standard conforming string notation. Thanks to Yuri Ushakov for the report. - Add important note about LONGREADLEN and DATA_LIMIT that could need to be adjusted to avoid out of memory. Thanks to Mike Kienenberger for the patch. - Fix case sensitivity issue with export of comment on column. Thanks to Pierre Crumeyrolle for the report. - Fix export of RAW data in COPY mode, was missing a backslash. Thanks to jwiechmann for the report. - Fix RAW data export in COPY and INSERT mode, RAW data type is returned in hex by DBD::Oracle. Thanks to jwiechmann for the report. - Fix one release 8i condition. - Fix inexistent column USE_NO_INDEX with Oracle 8i and MVIEW export. - Enclose call to utf8::encode and utf8::valid into eval. - Fix export of constraint with Oracle 8i release. - Fix unrecognized fatal error with 8i database. Thanks to UnvorherSeba for the patch. - Revert change level of error from fatal to error, when querying materialized view. - Change level of error from fatal to error, when querying materialized view.
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