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This is a text-based football (soccer) match simulation engine. A typical simple match engine has the player and team details as input, with some 'technical' data that affect the match outcome, such as player attributes (skills) and team tactics. 'Text-based' means that the output is textual, i.e. no match is shown. The output may vary from a simple result to a 'full' match report. If we stretch things too far we could produce the exact movements and actions of each player during the match as output, however this would not be of much semantic value in its own right (and certainly not entertaining!). A middle ground is adopted for this match engine and a resonable match report is output along with player ratings, while more analytical data is written in "data" files which serve as the match engine specialized logs. This match engine is designed to be part of a host application, rather than be wrapped and tightly-bound to a full game. For this reason, it is designed as a library to be utilized by other applications. However, it can still be run as a standalone (simple) program from the command-line of your desktop computer, although changes cannot be made during the match and a database with fixed input per team is required to be installed (alternatively, you may just use the hardcoded teams).
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