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OpenEMM-6.0.1-src.tar.gz 2009-12-23 4.6 MB 11 weekly downloads
IMPORTANT INFORMATION ===================== With version 6.0 Java 5 is no longer supported because SUN stopped free support in October 2009. With version 5.5.0 the login on port 8081 is no longer supported, please use port 8080 instead. To use the online update feature of OpenEMM (Linux only) you have to open TCP/IP port 8044 in the same way you opened port 8080 as described in the OpenEMM Install Guide. If you used the online update of OpenEMM to upgrade to this version, please read file UPDATE.txt in this directory to finish the update process manually. If you want to upgrade OpenEMM manually, please read the section below. If you want to install OpenEMM from scratch we strongly recommend to download and consult the extensive OpenEMM Install Guide (PDF format) to avoid all kind of pitfalls. OpenEMM QUICK UPDATE GUIDE for Red Hat and compatible Linux distributions ========================================================================= 1. Download binary tarball to directory /tmp from web address 2. Stop the old OpenEMM and rename the old OpenEMM directory $> su - openemm $> stop $> exit $> cd /home $> mv openemm openemm_backup 3. Make a backup of your database (openemm_cms only for versions >= 6.0) $> mysqldump -aCceQx --hex-blob -u root -p -r openemm.sql openemm $> mysqldump -aCceQx --hex-blob -u root -p -r openemm_cms.sql openemm_cms 4. Create the new OpenEMM directory $> mkdir openemm $> cd openemm 5. Untar OpenEMM tarball as root $> tar -xvzpf /tmp/OpenEMM-6.0.1-bin.tar.gz (do not forget option "p"!) 6. Copy content for /usr/share/doc $> mkdir -p /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1 $> mv USR_SHARE/* /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1 $> rm -rf USR_SHARE 7. Replace the generic string "http://localhost:8080" with the domain name of your server (like "") in these files: - /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/openemm-6.0.1.sql (once) - /home/openemm/webapps/core/WEB-INF/classes/ (twice) - /home/openemm/webapps/core/WEB-INF/classes/ (once) 8. Copy the modifications you made to the "old" files and (found in /home/openemm_backup/webapps/core/WEB-INF/classes/) to the new files. 9. Update the OpenEMM DB and install the CMS DB (CMS only for versions < 6.0!) (depending on the version which you update from you have to update the databases step by step through executing the corresponding SQL files in the right order - please see OpenEMM Install Guide for details) $> mysqladmin -u root -p create openemm_cms $> mysql -u root -p openemm_cms < /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/openemm_cms.sql $> mysql -u root -p openemm < /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/update_openemm-... $> mysql -u root -p openemm < /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/update_openemm-... 10. Launch OpenEMM $> su - openemm $> start $> exit OPENEMM FILES ============= OpenEMM Change Log: /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/CHANGELOG.txt OpenEMM License: /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/LICENSE.txt OpenEMM important info (this file): /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/README.txt OpenEMM update information: /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/UPDATE.txt System info for OpenEMM Update feature: /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/empty-updates.txt MySQL OpenEMM database dump: /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/openemm-6.0.1.sql MySQL OpenEMM CMS database dump: /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/openemm_cms.sql MySQL OpenEMM CMS demo database dump: /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/openemm_demo-cms.sql MySQL database update (for OpenEMM 5.0.3 and earlier) /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/update_openemm-5.0.3-5.1.0.sql MySQL database update (for OpenEMM 5.1.0) /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/update_openemm-5.1.0-5.3.0.sql MySQL database update (for OpenEMM 5.3.0) /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/update_openemm-5.3.0-5.3.1.sql MySQL database update (for OpenEMM 5.3.1) /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/update_openemm-5.3.1-5.3.2.sql MySQL database update (for OpenEMM 5.3.2) /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/update_openemm-5.3.2-5.4.0.sql MySQL database update (for OpenEMM 5.4.0) /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/update_openemm-5.4.0-5.5.0.sql MySQL database update (for OpenEMM 5.5.0) /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/update_openemm-5.5.0-5.5.1.sql MySQL database update (for OpenEMM 5.5.1) /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/update_openemm-5.5.1-6.0.sql MySQL database update (for OpenEMM 6.0) /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.0.1/update_openemm-6.0-6.0.1.sql Script which is executed by OpenEMM's online update after the upgrade to the current version: /usr/share/doc/OpenEMM-6.x.y/ MySQL Database Conversion Script to convert the whole database to UTF-8 character set (if you want to use OpenEMM beyond the 5.4.0 release, you must once convert your database): /home/openemm/bin/ MISCELLANEOUS ============= Website: Support: Newsletter: Maintainer: Martin Aschoff (maschoff AT os-inside DOT org) OpenEMM uses the Open Source Initiative Approved License "Common Public Attribution License 1.0 (CPAL)". Open Source Initiative Approved is a trademark of the Open Source Initiative. Copyright (c) 2006-2009 AGNITAS AG, Munich, Germany
Source: README.txt, updated 2009-12-23