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STABLE Version 1.1 build 14 (2015-01-24) Bug fixes: - template changes are not available for already open files Version 1.1 build 12 (2014-03-03) Bug fix: - multiline drag and drop in columnar mode does nothing - Window shell commands removed from the editor contect menu, alternatively they are available on <Shift> + right click. Version 1.1 build 11 (2014-02-04) Improvements: - "File Panel/Open Files" can be a drag & drop source so any file can be dragged and dropped on another application such as SQLTools. - File Shell menu items added to the editor context menu. - Added a set of operations on a stream columnar selection: Edit.RemoveExcessiveBlankLines Ctrl+K,H Edit.TrimLeadingSpaces Ctrl+K,O Edit.TrimExcessiveSpaces Ctrl+K,P Edit.TrimTrailingSpaces Ctrl+K,R Bug fixes: - selection stays on cursor move by Ctrl+[ - paste on multi-line columnar selection uses the cursor position instead of the beginning of selection ...
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