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OddXcopy -? show usage

Xcopy standard flags: /S copy sub directories

                  /C continue on error

                  /R Overwrite hidden, nowrite, system files

                  turbo:true|false when running with /L flag set      
                      the file attributes will not be read for existing files.
                  /L Display files that would be copied.
                  /Q Does not display file names while copying. 
                  /P  Prompts you before creating each destination file.
                  retry:<count> number of retries if network disk fails
                  /F Displays full source and destination file names while copying
                  source:<source directory>
                  target:<target directory>

Keyboard: v + Enter toggles /F, use this when copying large directories to see current file.

Example 1: compare c:photos with x:photosBackup, existing files will not be copied unless date is different or size is different. OddXCopy source:c:photos target:x:photosBackup /S /C /L /R turbo:true

Example 2: copy newer or changed files from c:photos to x:photosBackup, recursive, continue on error. error output to err.log OddXCopy source:c:photos target:x:photosBackup /S /C /R turbo:false 2>err.log

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