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Math Processor (MP) helps you solve different types of mathematical and statistical problems. It allows you to work on large data sets in an easy and fast environment. It has some plotting capabilities as well. Do not be mistaken by the small size or simple interface of Math Processor. Just read the help file of MP to see how you can solve complex mathematical and statistical problems with ease and speed. MP provides a simple interpreted language called Math Processor Command Language (MPCL) to get commands from the user. This simple language can be a very good start for someone desiring to learn computer programming. Please refer to the product help to learn more about MPCL. MP provides simplicity and robustness in a single package. On one hand, students of Grade-6 can get help for their homework and learn mathematics in a helpful environment. On the other hand, senior students will have sufficient power at their disposal to solve complex problems related to math, statistics and other allied fields. You are welcome to send feature requests. Your suggestions will be given full consideration. You may also send comments regarding anything you want to say about Math Processor. On top of all, please never let a Bug you find go un-reported. Kashif Imran
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