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28 Jul 2013 - Version 3.6 This release adds a new configuration directive ProxyHtmlExcludeUri to allow some URIs to be excluded from rewritting and fix issue with regex pattern in ProxyHTMLRewrite directive. - Make replace pattern an evalable expression so that you can use $1 in replacement pattern with ProxyHTMLRewrite. Thanks to Roberto Majadas for the report. - Update documentation about AddHandler vs SetHandler to avoid error "Attempt to serve directory", with SetHandler DirectoryIndex is not working any more. Thanks to Brad Robertson for the report. - Add PerlAddVar before examples in documentation. - Add new directive ProxyHtmlExcludeUri to allow URIs to be excluded from any rewritting. This is to be used to fix some weird replacements in javascript library. Thanks to Brad Robertson for the report.
Source: README, updated 2013-07-28