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written by Helmut K. C. Tessarek Last Update: 2012-04-13 Contents: --------- 1) Description of the library 2) File Description 1) Description of the library ----------------------------- This library delivers the following functions as UDFs and SPs: function in library UDF / SP md5 md5 aprmd5 apr_md5 aprcrypt apr_crypt aprsha1 apr_sha1 validate validate_pw The md5 function is compatible to the PHP md5 function. The aprmd5, aprcrypt and aprsha1 functions are compatible to the Apache functions that are used in the htpasswd utility. The validate function validates a password against a hash. In win32 environments apr_crypt returns the output of apr_md5. 2) File Description ------------------- hash.c the SQL API stuff hash.h the c code for the functions register.ddl script to register the UDFs and SPs drop.ddl script to drop the UDFs and SPs makertn bash script to compile the library (Linux/AIX) test_hash.c test program for the functions hash.exp function export file for AIX hash.def definition file for Windows makertn.bat script to compile the library (win32) maketest.bat script to compile test program INSTALL compiling and installing instructions CHANGES change log README this file
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