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Minimal Cygwin/X. Overview: This directory contains an installation of Cygwin/X that has been edited down to just the pieces needed for the X11 server to run. It was created starting from the Cygwin version that was current on 06/07/13. It has only been tested on Windows XP SP3 and some of the directions below may need to be modified for other versions of Windows. This distribution is intended to be used with an X11 tunnel provided by putty - there is no ssh program in this distribution. Version: Built from Cygwin 1.7.20(0.266/5/3) X11 server 1.14.1 This is minimal cygwin/X 0.0.3 06/07/13. Installation: 0. Login as an administrator 1. Unpack the zip file into C:\cygwinX 2a. XP Double click this file in that directory: access_and_shortcuts.bat This will create a "working" subdirectory and modify file protections on it so that everybody can write to it. Add a desktop icon for everybody. Add a program menu entry for everybody. If you don't want one or the other of these, edit the bat file before running it. 2b. Vista and up: Right click on: access_and_shortcuts.bat select "run as Administrator" (otherwise the same as 2a) 3. delete: C:\cygwinX\access_and_shortcuts.bat C:\cygwinX\allusers_desktop_shortcut.vbs C:\cygwinX\allusers_programs_shortcut.vbs as these are not needed once the distribution is installed. If the shortcut creation scripts do not work for some reason these can also be created manually. First create the short cut. From an administrator account open windows explorer and navigate to C:\cygwinX Right click: new -> shortcut Location (browse to): C:\cygwinX\startX11_server.bat Name: CygwinX Right click on the shortcut -> properties Set the icon: C:\cygwinX\Cygwin.ico. On XP, stay in the Explorer window and copy that shortcut to: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop Then delete the shortcut in the cygwinX directory. On Vista and up, close that Windows Explorer window. Then as an administrator: Start->All Programs->Accessories Right click on "Command Shell" Select "run as Administrator" In the command shell type: copy C:\cygwinX\CygwinX.lnk C:\Users\Public\Desktop\ copy C:\cygwinX\CygwinX.lnk C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\ del C:\cygwinX\CygwinX.lnk Using the server: 1. start putty or another ssh program capable of providing X11 tunnels. 2. login to a remote system with X11 tunneling enabled. 3. start->programs->CygwinX The first time this is run the firewall will ask if an exception should be made, answer NO - all network IO will be through the SSh tunnel. 4. xdpyinfo in the ssh window should now show the server. Other X11 programs should also work. 5. To turn the X11 server off, right click on its icon on the right side of the task bar and select "exit". Support: Other than accepting one particular type of bug report (see below) I do not support this product in any way shape or form, use at your own risk, standard disclaimers etc. Most likely any issues you find with the X11 server are in the underyling software from Cygwin and so should be reported there. This can be verified by also installing Cygwin/X (comes to around 250MB) from http://x.cygwin.com/ and rerunning whatever problem program you are using against that version of the X11 server. Bugs. If you do find an instance where a remote X11 application requires part of Cygwin/X which was deleted in this distribution, and you have narrowed it down to specifically which files are missing, please let me know. Email to my last name at caltech.edu. Release history: 0.0.5 05/01/2013 revised instructions 0.0.4 12/11/2013 revised instructions and scripts 0.0.3 6/7/2013 rebuilt using a newer Cygwin and X11 release 0.0.2 1/19/2012 added Type1 font support 0.0.1 11/8/2011 first release David Mathog Caltech 12/11/2013
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