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Packaging changes ================= As of 2014-03-22, Cygwin packages have been moved into a custom repository directory. See http://www.libjpeg-turbo.org/Documentation/Cygwin for more details. Significant changes since 1.2 beta1 =================================== [1] Fixed build issue with YASM on Unix systems (the libjpeg-turbo build system was not adding the current directory to the assembler include path, so YASM was not able to find jsimdcfg.inc.) [2] Fixed out-of-bounds read in SSE2 SIMD code that occurred when decompressing a JPEG image to a bitmap buffer whose size was not a multiple of 16 bytes. This was more of an annoyance than an actual bug, since it did not cause any actual run-time problems, but the issue showed up when running libjpeg-turbo in valgrind. See http://crbug.com/72399 for more information. [3] Added a compile-time macro (LIBJPEG_TURBO_VERSION) that can be used to check the version of libjpeg-turbo against which an application was compiled. [4] Added new RGBA/BGRA/ABGR/ARGB colorspace extension constants (libjpeg API) and pixel formats (TurboJPEG API), which allow applications to specify that, when decompressing to a 4-component RGB buffer, the unused byte should be set to 0xFF so that it can be interpreted as an opaque alpha channel. [5] Fixed regression issue whereby DevIL failed to build against libjpeg-turbo because libjpeg-turbo's distributed version of jconfig.h contained an INLINE macro, which conflicted with a similar macro in DevIL. This macro is used only internally when building libjpeg-turbo, so it was moved into config.h. [6] libjpeg-turbo will now correctly decompress erroneous CMYK/YCCK JPEGs whose K component is assigned a component ID of 1 instead of 4. Although these files are in violation of the spec, other JPEG implementations handle them correctly. [7] Added ARM v6 and ARM v7 architectures to libjpeg.a and libturbojpeg.a in the official OS X distribution package, so that those libraries can be used to build both OS X and iOS applications.
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