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Written by: Umar Mughal (umar.mughal2@gmail.com) Created : December 22, 2010 Modified : December 22, 2010 What? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- A desktop-based MySQL client. Why? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- MySQL is the most popular DBMS used in the world today. But there are few good GUI clients are available for it. Even those few good clients have issues with them. For example, the problem with phpMyAdmin, most popular of them, is that it is a php based web application. If you are working with .Net or Java, you need to run apache/IIS server to run the application. Further, there are many limitations to a web-based application. For example, there is no auto-complete feature. SqlYog is one other good MySQL client, but the problem is that it comes with a price. Although there is a free community edition, but features there are too few and contain many bugs. Jupiter aims to be a desktop application, so that a client can use it without installing a web server. It aims to provide all the features that expensive clients provide, at no cost. MySQL is great but lack of a powerful independent client makes working with it less joyful than working with SQL server or Oracle. Jupiter aims to bring that joy in working with MySQL. When? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The idea was in my head since I started using MySQL. I registered the project on sourceforge on December 22, 2010. How? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Windows is used by most of the developers and .Net provides sophisticated user interfaces so it will be written with C#. I have about 2 years of professional experience with Java but I am completely noob in .Net. I will learn .Net and develop the application side by side. All experienced .Net developers who themselves spend most of their time working with MySQL and are passionate to make their experience good are welcome to join.
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