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JPPF-5.1-beta-AndroidNode.apk 2015-09-17 542.0 kB 11 weekly downloads
JPPF makes it easy to parallelize computationally intensive tasks and execute them on a Grid The main focus of JPPF 5.1 beta is the port of JPPF nodes to the Android platform, with the addition of a new job monitoring API, the extension of job management APIs with job selectors, extended notification of tasks status in the server, and more Highlight of the 5.1 beta release JPPF nodes on the Android platform are now a reality. Feature requests JPPF-136 Android node JPPF-364 Add notifications for client connection pools state changes JPPF-378 Ability to perform house keeeping between jobs in the node JPPF-381 Notifications of tasks status at dispatch time in the server JPPF-395 Let JobSLA's maxNodes include/exclude provisioned slaves JPPF-403 Extend the grid topology monitoring API with job notifications Enhancements JPPF-375 Improve the efficiency of the adaptive load-balancers for very short tasks JPPF-404 Extend methods of job management MBean with a job selector JPPF-410 Add real syntax highlighting for online doc and samples To browse an issue, use the URL http://www.jppf.org/tracker/tbg/jppf/issues/JPPF-<issue_number> JPPF Links: Web Site: http://www.jppf.org Downloads: http://www.jppf.org/downloads.php Documentation: http://www.jppf.org/doc/v5 User forums: http://www.jppf.org/forums Issue tracker: http://www.jppf.org/tracker/tbg/jppf SF.net project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jppf-project/
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