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This folder contains sources and binaries for HFST functionalities. The hfst-V.V.V.tar.gz file contains newest sources for building HFST API library, command line tools and Python bindings on Unix and Mac. The hfst-dev debian packages contain binaries for HFST API library and command line tools. hfstpyN-dev packages contain HFST bindings for Python 2 and 3. The debian or ubuntu installations have the same requirements as source packages. SFST back-end is excluded from the debian packages as it has portability issues with hash_maps and hash_sets. The install-hfst*-V.V.V_32-bit.exe files are experimental installers for Windows. install-hfst-V.V.V_32-bit.exe contains all HFST command line tools, install-hfst-[xfst|proc|ospell]-V.V.V_32-bit.exe files are standalone installers for hfst-xfst, hfst-proc and hfst-ospell. The supported way for mac installation is to use mac port tree with macports. See http://guide.macports.org/#development.local-repositories on how to install one from hfst-macport-V.V.V.tar.gz.
Source: README, updated 2014-06-16