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Helsinki Finite-State Technology / News: Recent posts

HFST version 3.7.2 released

  • improvements to lexc, pmatch and twolc tools
Posted by Erik Axelson 2014-06-16

HFST version 3.7.1 released

  • same mappings with different weights are now handled right in
    parallel replace rules.

  • improvements to optimized lookup format

Posted by Erik Axelson 2014-05-20

HFST version 3.7.0 released

  • better support for weighted parallel replace rules
  • allowing empty contexts in replace rules
  • bugfixes and improvements to xfst and pmatch tools
  • bugfixes to handling of optimized lookup transducers
  • support for weighted containment operator
  • tentatively added option and variable 'encode-weights' to regexp
    and xfst parsers to control determinization of weighted transducers,
    the default value being false (encoding weights prevents non-ending
    determinization in some cases)
Posted by Erik Axelson 2014-04-15

HFST version 3.6.1 released

  • improvements to xfst, lexc, pmatch and lookup tools
Posted by Erik Axelson 2014-02-18

HFST version 3.6.0 released

  • hfst-lexc uses native hfst functions
  • improvements to pmatch tool
  • limited support for optimized lookup transducers in hfst-xfst
  • better support for Mac and Windows
  • replace rule longest match bug fixed
Posted by Erik Axelson 2014-02-14

HFST version 3.5.1 released

  • improvements and bugfixes to lexc, pmatch and xfst tools
  • added an option --enable-all-tools in configure
Posted by Erik Axelson 2013-11-20

HFST version 3.5.0 released

  • a new tool hfst-xfst for compiling xfst scripts and using xfst commands
    in interactive mode (NOTE: hfst-xfst was earlier a wrapper for foma, so this
    change breaks backwards compatibility)
  • wrapper for foma command line tool is renamed to hfst-foma
  • changes to the api
    • made HfstTransducer::harmonize() a public member
    • added a boolean argument to function 'set_final_weights' which defines
      whether existing weights are summed with the new weight or overwritten
    • updated cross product and apply boundary mark in replace rules
  • improvements to pmatch tool
    • --verbose output gives neater and more fine-grained information
    • some fixes to ?-expansion
    • more checking and better error diagnostics in case of broken tags
    • time individual compilations
    • fixes to leftmost greediness and overlong input
  • changes to other tools
    • added support for weights in prolog format, also added an option
      --prolog to hfst-fst2txt
    • added option --eliminate-flags to hfst-compare
    • added option --harmonize-flags to hfst-regex2fst
    • lexc parser handles epsilon '0' correctly
    • better support for quoted literals and marker '.#.' in xre parser
    • added warning messages about hfst-special symbols of form
      '@.*@' to xre parser that are printed in verbose mode
Posted by Erik Axelson 2013-10-22

HFST version 3.4.6 released

  • Improvements to pmatch functionalities
  • Some fixes to twolc, proc and lexc tools
  • New operators added to the regexp parser
  • Reading in prolog format supported in hfst-txt2fst
Posted by Erik Axelson 2013-09-06

HFST version 3.4.5 released

  • Several improvements to pmatch tools
  • Function calls supported in xre parser
  • A bug in replace rules with term complement in context fixed
  • Some fixes to the lexc parser
  • Now option combination --obey-flags --random works in hfst-fst2strings
Posted by Erik Axelson 2013-06-11

Hfst-ospell 0.2.3 released

This is a bug fix release.

  • fixed a bug that caused certain types of paths with flag diacritics not to be accepted.

No changes to interface or features.

Posted by Flammie Pirinen 2013-04-27 Labels: ospell hfst-ospell

HFST version 3.4.4 released

Noteworthy changes:

  • foma and sfst backends are enabled by default in configure
  • Updated to foma version 0.9.17
  • New functions added to HfstTransitionGraph, e.g. longest_string_size
    and top_sort
  • pmatch tools updated
  • Bugs fixed in xre parser and hfst-twolc
  • A boolean argument added to binary transducer functions that
    controls whether symbol harmonization is carried out
Posted by Erik Axelson 2013-04-10

HFST version 3.4.3 released

Noteworthy changes:

  • Better support for compilation on Cygwin.
  • Tool hfst-prune-alphabet added.
  • A function 'hfst_get_exception()' added to the swig interface that
    can be used to handle exceptions on Python 3.
  • Bugfixes in hfst-info, hfst-twolc, hfst-regexp2fst and tagger tools.
  • Flag diacritic harmonization problem fixed, now identity and
    unknown symbols are not expanded by flag diacritics.
Posted by Erik Axelson 2013-02-04

HFST version 3.4.2 released

Noteworthy changes:

  • Added regexp substitution and left replace epenthesis to regexp parser.

  • A bug in including zlib in foma fixed.

  • Now ncurses library is used instead if termcap is not found when
    building hfst-xfst.

Posted by Erik Axelson 2013-01-07

HFST version 3.4.1 released

Noteworthy changes:

  • Updates to regexp parser and optimized lookup transducer

  • SWIG bindings now work with both Python version 2 and 3. As FILE* conversions
    are no longer supported in Python 3, more wrapper functions are added that use
    an HfstFile argument instead.

  • Some of the warnings in back-end libraries fixed or suppressed

  • A bug in hfst-xfst linking fixed

  • Obsolete command line tools removed

Posted by Erik Axelson 2012-12-21

HFST version 3.4.0 released

Noteworthy changes:

  • Experimental version of the SWIG-generated Python interface is
    included in the distribution. See swig/README for more info.

  • All back-ends (SFST, OpenFst and foma) are bundled with HFST.
    There is no more need to install them separately.

Posted by Erik Axelson 2012-11-30

HFST version 3.3.15 released

Noteworthy changes:

  • Small bugs fixed in function insert_freely, flag diacritic handling
    as well as lexc and pmatch tools
  • GNU and bash dependencies removed from scripts to make them more portable
  • The epsilon symbol argument in HfstTransducer(FILE*, ...) is made obligatory,
    also a new obligatory argument added that keeps track of the line number
    in the AT&T file
Posted by Erik Axelson 2012-10-30

HFST version 3.3.14 released

Noteworthy changes:

  • Bug fixes in tools pmatch2fst, strings2fst, substitute and guessify
  • Bug fixes in replace rules
  • More functionalities added to the Python interface
Posted by Erik Axelson 2012-10-01

HFST version 3.3.13 released

Noteworthy changes:

  • Better support for Windows compilation
  • Some bugs in replace rules and hfst-regexp2fst fixed
  • Bug fixes and updates in command line tools including hfst-tagger, hfst-info, optimized-lookup, hfst-regexp2fst and hfst-guessify
  • PCKIMMO output mode for hfst-fst2txt
  • Now option --norm precedes --log in hfst-strings2fst
Posted by Erik Axelson 2012-09-04

HFSt version 3.3.12 released

Noteworthy changes:

  • Support for default symbol @DEFAULT_SYMBOL@
  • A tagger tool hfst-tagger
  • Improvements to hfst-lexc
  • Removed warning messages and XFAIL tests that may confuse users
  • Updated Doxygen documentation.
Posted by Erik Axelson 2012-06-25

HFST version 3.3.11 released

Noteworthy changes:

  • Changes to hfst-proc text formatting
  • Containment and term negation added to regexp parser
  • Composing intersection supports identity symbols and inverting the composition
  • Introduction of semifunctional pmatch2fst parser
  • Function shuffle added under HfstTransducer
  • Added the option --print-separator in hfst-fst2strings to achieve better control of pipelined command line tools
Posted by Erik Axelson 2012-05-04

HFST version 3.3.10 released

Noteworthy changes:

  • All binary tools handle the case where the first input contains several transducers and the second input exactly one transducer
  • hfst-summarize prints at the end how many transducers it has read in total, making it easier to work with transducer archives
  • hfst-fst2strings bug fixed, now it prints weights with options --random -w
Posted by Erik Axelson 2012-04-05

HFST version 3.3.9 released

Noteworthy changes:

  • Bugs fixed and new features added to hfst-proc
  • Xfst rules tentatively supported in hfst-regexp2fst
  • hfst-fst2strings does not produce duplicate paths any more when using foma as backend
  • hfst-lexc implementation format defaults to openfst-tropical instead of foma
Posted by Erik Axelson 2012-03-26

HFST version 3.3.8 released

Noteworthy changes:

  • Compatible with OpenFst version 1.3.1
  • Identity symbols supported in hfst-regexp2fst
  • Fixes version 3.3.7
Posted by Erik Axelson 2012-03-06

HFST version 3.3.8 will be released soon

There were bugs in HFST version 3.3.7, so it is no longer available.
HFST version 3.3.8 will fix those bugs and be compatible with OpenFst's newest version (1.3.1).
At the moment, we advise our users to use HFST 3.3.6 with OpenFst 1.2.10.

Posted by Erik Axelson 2012-03-06

HFST version 3.3.6 released

Noteworthy changes:

  • Include directives of foma and SFST header files changed so that standard include path is used instead of source path
  • Compilation warnings and some memory leaks fixed
Posted by Erik Axelson 2012-02-27