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== HEXINJECT == HexInject is a very versatile packet injector and sniffer, that provide a command-line framework for raw network access. It's designed to work together with others command-line utilities, and for this reason it facilitates the creation of powerful shell scripts capable of reading, intercepting and modifying network traffic in a transparent manner. == TOOLS == hexinject: The main sniffer and injector. prettypacket: Disassemble raw packets (received on its standard input) and print their field. Can also print example packets (useful if you want to know the structure of an header). hex2raw: Convert hexstring (the textual format used by hexinject) to raw data, and vice-versa. packets.tcl: Experimental packet forger, written in TCL. It uses a simple packet representation format based on APD (http://wiki.hping.org/26). == COMPILE == HexInject is based only on the pcap libraries, so it's should be easy to compile on systems that supports them. Dependencies: libpcap-dev tcl (for packets.tcl) Compile: To compile the tools just type "make" and cross your fingers... :) == INFO == Website: http://hexinject.sourceforge.net/ Guide: http://hexinject.sourceforge.net/hexinject_introduction.pdf Author: Emanuele Acri <crossbower@gmail.com> License: BSD License (2011)
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