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gpsim GNU Pic Simulator, a simulator for Microchip's PIC microcontrollers. Version 0.27.0 release http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=2341 http://gpsim.sourceforge.net/gpsim.html Highlights: The Enhanced Mid-Range Architecture is now supported by gpsim. Gpsim will compile with either gtkextra-2 or gtkextra-3. Memory cleanup, processor classes release memory on closing. The extra modules integrated into release package Cycle counter increments when MCLR pin low. Fixes for building with more recent tool chain. Extras module for DS1820 1-wire temperature sensor. New Processors: pic12f1822 pic16f684 pic16f1823 Bugs Reports closed: 131 Computed GOTO broken on big ROM 18F 132 Segfault on first loading COD file when compiled with clang 133 gpsim doesn't compile with a modern Linux build chain 134 can't generate lxt log 137 CCP match does not clear TMR1H:TMR1L 138 Computed GOTO cycle timing wrong 139 Data addressing wrong (PIC18 w/​ extended instruction mode) 146 LCD module: wrong #include 147 Conflicting declarations of variable DbmParseLineNumber 148 logging register writes does not work as expected 150 gpsim-0.26.1 UART transmitter not working 151 18f6520 PSP functionality missing 152 TRISD, TRISE incorrect on 18f6520 18c4x2 in WDT reset 153 P18 processors do not reset on stack overflow/​underflow and stack window does not work 155 p16f684 reset regression test does immediate WDT reset 156 Wrong register names when single stepping on 14bit processors 157 SVN does not compile with automake >= 1.12 Feature Requests closed 31 support for 16F684 32 Support for 16F enhanced midrange parts 33 1Wire DS1820 Digital Thermometer implementation. Patches Applied 28 Build with gtkextra-3 29 Check for libdl
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