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Up-to-date Windows executables wth FABM support are available for download. 1) gotm.exe file is 32-bit GOTM executable build using VisualStudio and Intels ifort compiler. 2) gotm_i686.exe and gotm_x86_64.exe are 32- and 64-bit GOTM executables cross compiled on Linux for the Windows environment. All 3 executables should give the same results. It is provided as a convinience for those who do not have VisualStudio and Intel's ifort installed on their Windows computer - or don't have a Linux machine for cross compiling - and still want to experiment with GOTM. We will try to keep the executables up-to-date with the source code in the Git-repository. Full use of these executables is only achived if the GOTM testcases are installed - or access to another working GOTM case is available. It is also strongly recommended to install 'editscenario' for generating/manipulating namelist-files.
Source: README, updated 2014-10-08