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v8.7_Appliance 2014-08-09 5,9495,949 weekly downloads
v8.7_Windows_OSX 2014-08-09 323323 weekly downloads
v8.7 2014-08-09 7373 weekly downloads
v8.6 2014-04-07 2121 weekly downloads
v8.6_Windows_OSX 2014-04-06 33 weekly downloads
v8.6_Appliance 2014-04-06 1818 weekly downloads
v5.8 2012-05-01 77 weekly downloads
v5.6 2011-03-23 66 weekly downloads
v5.5 2010-11-13 11 weekly downloads
README.txt 2014-08-12 881 Bytes
The latest version of GNS3 WorkBench is 8.7 You will see three directories above for 8.7: v8.7_Appliance: contains a) a download of a "ready made" Virtual Machine split into two files ~2G (Read the installation instructions) b) a directory called "SmallerFiles" which contains exactly the same image, but split into many more files to make it easier for folks with more unreliable internet connections (Read the installation instructions) v8.7: contains script files and compressed images to do a "do it yourself" install on your existing Linux Mint 17.0 or Ubuntu 14.04 machine (Read the installation instructions) v8.7_Windows_OSX: contains the Labs and Exercises that make up GNS3 WorkBench in OS independent format (Read the installation instructions)
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