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v12.3a_Appliance 2015-03-09 1,0451,045 weekly downloads
v12.3_Appliance 2015-03-09 4040 weekly downloads
v12.3 2015-02-28 6464 weekly downloads
v12.3_Windows_OSX 2015-02-28 395395 weekly downloads
v8.7_Appliance 2014-08-09 124124 weekly downloads
v8.7_Windows_OSX 2014-08-09 1010 weekly downloads
v8.7 2014-08-09 77 weekly downloads
v8.6 2014-04-07 77 weekly downloads
v8.6_Windows_OSX 2014-04-06 22 weekly downloads
v8.6_Appliance 2014-04-06 3434 weekly downloads
v5.8 2012-05-01 11 weekly downloads
v5.6 2011-03-23 22 weekly downloads
v5.5 2010-11-13 33 weekly downloads
README.txt 2015-03-09 921 Bytes 1414 weekly downloads
The latest version of GNS3 WorkBench is 12.3 (or 12.3a) You will see four directories above for 12.3: v12.3a_Appliance: contains a download of a "ready made" Virtual Machine split into three files ~1G (Read the installation instructions) v12.3_Appliance: Same as v12.3a_Appliance, but does NOT have the VirtualBox or QEMU Virtual Machines installed. You will have to add them manually as described in https://community.gns3.com/message/21875#21875 v12.3: contains script files and compressed images to do a "do it yourself" install on your existing Linux Mint 17.0/17.1 or Ubuntu 14.04 machine (Read the installation instructions) v12.3_Windows_OSX: contains the Labs and Exercises that make up GNS3 WorkBench in OS independent format (Read the installation instructions)
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