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gimagereader-win32-support-0.6.zip 2011-03-24 13.5 MB 1313 weekly downloads
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gimagereader-win32-support-0.4.zip 2010-10-07 8.5 MB 11 weekly downloads
gimagereader-win32-support-0.2.zip 2010-08-22 26.9 MB 11 weekly downloads
The project page here at SourceForge is only a mirror for the downloads. Development is happening on GitHub at https://github.com/manisandro/gImageReader, release binaries are also posted there. Issues should be reported at https://github.com/manisandro/gImageReader/issues. The code of the old series (up to 0.9.1) is still hosted on SourceForge at http://sourceforge.net/p/gimagereader/code/HEAD/tree/ !!! Attention Windows Users !!! Some anti-virus scanners might report that the gImageReader setup exes contains a troyan. Such reports are most likely false positives, see http://nsis.sourceforge.net/NSIS_False_Positives. (NSIS is the installation system used to build the Windows installer). Unfortunately there is little I can do on my side to fix this.
Source: README, updated 2014-12-13