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[About GeneNetwork] GeneNetwork is a database and open source bioinformatics software resource for systems genetics. This resource is used to study gene regulatory networks that link DNA sequence variants to corresponding differences in gene and protein expression and to differences in traits such as health and disease risk. Data sets in GeneNetwork are typically made up of large collections of genotypes (e.g., SNPs) and phenotypes that are obtained from groups of related individuals, including human families, experimental crosses of strains of mice and rats, and organisms as diverse as Drosophila melanogaster, Arabidopsis thaliana, and barley. The inclusion of genotypes for all individuals makes it practical to carry out web-based gene mapping to discover those regions of the genome that contribute to differences in gene expression, cell function, anatomy, physiology, and behavior among individuals. GeneNetwork is an open source project released under the Affero General Public License (AGPLv3). The majority of code is written in Python, but includes modules and other code written in C and JavaScript. GeneNetwork also calls statistical procedures written in the R programming language. The source code and a compact database are available on GeneNetwork sites and at SourceForge. [References] GeneNetwork on the Cloud (EC2): http://ec2.genenetwork.org/ GeneNetwork on the UTHSC production server: http://www.genenetwork.org/ GeneNetwork MediaWiki: http://wiki.genenetwork.org/ GeneNetwork installation requirements: http://wiki.genenetwork.org/index.php/Mirror_Installation_Requirements GeneNetwork installation instructions(script): ftp://tyche.uthsc.edu/GN_install.sh
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