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Totals: 8 Items   5.8 GB 177
sources 2013-04-28 88 weekly downloads
Fuduntu-2013.2-x86_64-LiveDVD.iso 2013-03-29 1.1 GB 3737 weekly downloads
Fuduntu-2013.2-x86_64-LiteDVD.iso 2013-03-29 858.8 MB 6565 weekly downloads
Fuduntu-2013.2-i686-LiveDVD.iso 2013-03-29 1.1 GB 5454 weekly downloads
Fuduntu-2013.2-i686-LiteDVD.iso 2013-03-29 857.7 MB 99 weekly downloads
README 2013-01-06 726 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
Fuduntu-2013.1-x86_64-LiveDVD.iso 2013-01-04 1.0 GB 1010 weekly downloads
Fuduntu-2013.1-i686-LiveDVD.iso 2013-01-04 1.0 GB 11 weekly downloads
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Source: README, updated 2013-01-06