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For compiling the code, you need the corresponding headerfiles and dev-packages (and a GNU C-Compiler with his standard header-files and libraries too). Depending of the OS-Distribution, the name is similar to the normal runtime package-name. Look for packages like: SDL-devel >= Version 1.2 SDL_mixer-devel >= 1.2.8 (for Vorbis ogg and mp3) SDL_net-devel freetype2-devel libpng-devel GNU autoconf GNU automake Compiling: aclocal --force autoconf -f autoheader -f automake -a -c -f simply type in main-directory (for standard-installation): ./configure make make install (as root - build in /opt/foobillardplus) A special very fast version is build with ./configure --enable-special make make install (as root - build in /opt/foobillardplus) For further information please read the README in the source tarball.
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