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TTX/FontTools Version 1.0 beta 1 (released August 10 2001) - Reorganized the command line interface for ttDump.py and ttCompile.py, they now behave more like "normal" command line tool, in that they accept multiple input files for batch processing. - ttDump.py and ttCompile.py don't silently override files anymore, but ask before doing so. Can be overridden by -f. - Added -d <destination-directory> option to both ttDump.py and ttCompile.py. - Installation is now done with distutils. (Needs work for environments without compilers.) - Updated installation instructions. - Added some workarounds so as to handle certain buggy fonts more gracefully. - Updated Unicode table to Unicode 3.0 (Thanks Antoine!) - Included a Python script by Adam Twardoch that adds some useful stuff to the Windows registry. - Moved the project to SourceForge. TTX/FontTools Version 1.0 alpha 6 (released March 15 2000) - Big reorganization: made ttLib a subpackage of the new fontTools package, changed several module names. Called the entire suite "FontTools" - Added several submodules to fontTools, some new, some older. - Added experimental CFF/GPOS/GSUB support to ttLib, read-only (but XML dumping of GPOS/GSUB is for now disabled) - Fixed hdmx endian bug - Added -b option to ttCompile.py, it disables recalculation of bounding boxes, as requested by Werner Lemberg. - Renamed tt2xml.pt to ttDump.py and xml2tt.py to ttCompile.py - Use ".ttx" as file extension instead of ".xml". - TTX is now the name of the XML-based *format* for TT fonts, and not just an application. Version 1.0 alpha 5 (never released) - More tables supported: hdmx, vhea, vmtx Version 1.0 alpha 3 & 4 (never released) - fixed most portability issues - retracted the "Euro_or_currency" change from 1.0a2: it was nonsense! Version 1.0 alpha 2 (released as binary for MacOS, 2 May 1999) - genenates full FOND resources: including width table, PS font name info and kern table if applicable. - added cmap format 4 support. Extra: dumps Unicode char names as XML comments! - added cmap format 6 support - now accepts true type files starting with "true" (instead of just 0x00010000 and "OTTO") - 'glyf' table support is now complete: I added support for composite scale, xy-scale and two-by-two for the 'glyf' table. For now, component offset scale behaviour defaults to Apple-style. This only affects the (re)calculation of the glyph bounding box. - changed "Euro" to "Euro_or_currency" in the Standard Apple Glyph order list, since we cannot tell from the 'post' table which is meant. I should probably doublecheck with a Unicode encoding if available. (This does not affect the output!) Fixed bugs: - 'hhea' table is now recalculated correctly - fixed wrong assumption about sfnt resource names Version 1.0 alpha 1 (27 Apr 1999) - initial binary release for MacOS
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