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The "fmconv" script modifies the /etc/fstab file, and the /boot/grub/menu.lst file to use either UUID strings, or device filenames depending upon the parameter settings (-u or -d). This easy conversion to device filenames for maintenance purposes (UUID strings are hard to maintain, and just annoying), and the conversion back to UUID strings allows grub to work in an environment where the boot disk sequence is poorly defined by the bios. The original files are never overwritten, unless the force option is set; and the modified files are written to files similarly named to the original files unless that force option is set, but with suffixes attached defining their use (/etc/fstab.uuid for a -u operation on /etc/fstab, etc.). The parameters are fairly obvious with -u defining conversion to using UUID strings instead of device filenames, and -d defining conversion to using device filenames instead of UUID strings. In the case that an operation cannot be performed, the line in the file remains unmodified. If no conversion needs to be performed, then the lines in the file remain unmodified. In the case that the -f option is chosen, then the original files are overwritten with the results of the conversion. The "sort-fstab" script performs an "fmconv -d" operation, then sorts lines according to the device filenames. This is to enhance readability in the fstab file.
Source: README, updated 2010-10-29