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This package defines an image format that was designed to be easily processed. The image can contain multiple channels. 1, 3 and 4 are common values but any number of channels is possible. This version defines channels with 8, 16 or 32 bits deep and allows mixing different types of channels in the same image. Each channel is stored in a map separated from other channels and can be independently processed without requiring any additional manipulation. It is a project open to collaborations. Implementations of algorithms, optimizations, suggestions, tips or additions are welcome, feel free to collaborate. Changes in this release 22/04/2012 - Many features added to RLE structure. Border detection, vectorization, close holes, characteristics extration, etc. 15/04/2012 - Added support to RLE (Run Length Encoding) on binary images. Is a powerful way to process binary data. Connected regions of image are easily segmented and processed. 13/04/2012 - Some bugs fixed - Sobel operator implemented - Added methods to view histograms and projections - Two more morphological operations: In border and Out border 09/04/2012 - Convolution support with gray masks - More morphological operations implemented: Top Hat, Black Hat and gradient - several optimizations on methods - Added class to support gray masks - Added support to aritmetic operations. 8 operations implemented. 05/04/2012 - Added class to extract some channels statistics, including histogram and vertical/horizontal projections. - New option of scale on Convert method - Several minor changes 04/04/2012 - Added support to morphological operations (Dilate, Erode, Open and Close) File list \FastImgEx.pas - Main class unit \fiTypes.pas - Global types and utilities unit \uChannels.pas - Channels classes unit \uMasks.pas - Mask classes unit \uStats.pas - Statistics classes unit \uRunCode.pas - Run code classes unit \debug\MemoLog.pas - Very useful log class, just for debug \Demo\fiDemo.dpr - demo project \Demo\ufiDemo.pas - demo main form \Doc\TFastImageEx.pdf - reference of classes ... and related files (dcu, dfm, etc)
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