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Release notes eAnalytics (2012-09-25) New eAnalytics version is available as source code download and Debian installation package. Changes/modifications and new features available with the new version: - The new version fixes a bug with the SQL processing: The Debian package could be installed, the front end worked fine, but the SQL-processing did not work properly Notes on 0.9.2 Changes/modifications and new features available with the new version: Front-End: - new filter options Twitter interface - overall revised version - more details on followers are retrieved Adwords interface - overall revised version (incl. update to Google Adwords API 8.7) - Adwords API authenication now works with the MCC account, which makes the interface set up much easier - also placement data is retrieved - improvements of interface efficiency - improved logging - bug in ad retrieval fixed Back-End - Applications - Live view added including prediction - New social marketing report: New Twitter followers, lost Twitter followers Debian Package - Installation process is consiuderably easier now -
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