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This software is under construction. Here we provide a pilot version for testing purposes. It presents the following main features: * dynamic network visualization * network manipulation (dynamic and static layout algorithms) * sub-network representation and clustering * nested network layouts * network attributes overlaid onto dynamic topology * fully interactive * xml / xgmml as standard data format * files saved/exported as TIF, BMP, JPG, PDF (among other formats) * able to be called from external environments (e.g. R-packages) References: dyNet: dynamic network visualization tool M.A.A. Castro et al, Journal Paper (in preparation), 2011. Note 1: Some Browser will automatically change the file extension from .jar to .zip. If this is the case, please change the file extension back to .jar, so that you can run it properly. Note 2: Save large networks in xgmml format may require increasing the heap size. Java's default heap size is typically 128MB. If you need more than that, please launch dyNet using command line option and set the minimum/maximum heap size that you may come to need. For example: > java -jar -Xms512m -Xmx1024m dyNet.jar
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