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Installation: Windows - you need to download python (www.python.org/download) and pygame (www.pygame.org/download.shtml). When I downloaded Python, the worst-case scenario is that it simply sits in a folder somewhere (eg. c:\Python26). Then, when you want to run something, you have to go into the command line and type 'c:\Python26\python.exe c:\digSetStat\digSetStat.py'. The file you download from pygame will be something like pygame-1.9.1.win32-py2.6.msi (this is the self-installer). Make sure that the last number (2.6 in this example) matches the version of Python that you have installed. Once downloaded, you need to run python (possibly something like 'C:\Python16\python.exe') on setup.py. The statistics are saved to a .csv files. When you open the csv file with openoffice, you first get a chance to pick the delimiters (tabs, commas, etc). The delimiter is the tab. One problem that crops up is the fact that openoffice thinks 2.3 is a date rather than a number. On this page, you need to select columns with decimal places and specify that these are numbers, not dates.
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