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dep-trace sorts an input dependancy list or table and prints it, and can do other actions. It's default operation is to act like tsort (1) except that it sorts by pure pkg / make dependancy (tsort sorts by grapical topology: see notes about differences).


$ echo -e "b e\ne\nc b" | sort -k1,1 | dep-trace

(b depends on e, c depends on b, e has no depends)

dep-trace Web Site


  • bsd / mac / rh are using tsort for ports where dep-trace is more correct, dt is non-topological solve is why
  • dep-trace is fast on millions of dependancy items, depends on only libc, small, shows RDeps or other tables.
  • ** Debian may install 850 pkgs at once but always orderless : sometimes order helps / is needed.
  • ** It can be difficult re-installing "all related": dep ordered lists can (see doil dpkg installer in examples/)
  • ** in progress: dpkg-source -x can get mult. src pkgs but does not know compile order: it's dep. order.
  • ** "show-all" in examples/ shows dendant ordering of /var/lib/dpkg/available or status (all 35,000 pkgs)
  • loops: does not have tsort's loop pause/dis-order and can can show loops tabled
  • has virtual dep input file ability (helper for Debian) (see dep-trace(1) on Source Forge web page)
  • for printed tables has dependancy order for both Left and Right (Inner)
  • GENERAL USE - works with simple text labels in simple Lefts and Rights manner
  • *** examples/doil *** worth noting / trying *** very near beta ! ***
  • examples/show-all shows total dep ord of Debian Source, avail, status
  • examples/doil can remove, install, unpack, config, download (can rdep all)
  • doil does the above in total dep ord which dpkg cannot do alone, dep-trace
  • NEW: doil mini "select pkg from ORs" (not in dpkg) pre-filters out Conflicts
  • (no gui Conflicts resolver) pyramid: choose by remaining non-conflict or restart all choices
  • NEW NEW: doil -W as hobby option does dpkg job itself, and u can edit it
  • NEW NEW: doil has many fixes and new features and utilities
  • NEW NEW: doil can now properly filter impossible tasks before depends
  • (this mean NO fails/complaints after deps checked / during installing !)
  • (none theoretically, and preinst is counted as warning - nowadays is right)
  • doil can now juggle avail/status old new ver, file.deb names +SUPERSEDE

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