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Version 5.0.19: Build fixes. Remove INVALIDATE flag from msync (not allowed with ASYNC in FreeBSD) Version 5.0.17: Minor bugfixes detected with Coverity analysis Include performance test code and graphs in tarball Version 5.0.16: Tweaks and performance/comparison tests with gdbm. Debian-7.6, OpenSUSE-13.1, Fedora-21 binaries. Version 5.0.15: Fixed a few typos from 5.0.14 which broke compilation. Version 5.0.14: Fixed incorrect references to LGPL, license is GPLv3+. Version 5.0.13: Fixed incorrect sem_destroy call for named semaphore. This incorrect call affected parallel safe mode in FreeBSD. Version 5.0.12: Outstanding bugs (incorrect installation of man files, unnecessary -L directive) fixed and closed. Version 5.0.11: Parallel safe mode is now controlled by means of named semaphores which is more robust, since share memory control block is protected against race conditions. RPMs are built and lintian tested on OpenSUSE-12.3. rpm -U [rpm package] DEBs are built and lintian tested on Ubuntu-12.04: dpkg -i [deb package] Gentoo: download ebuild and manifest to dev-db/libdbh2/ sudo ebuild [ebuild file] merge As of version 5.0.8, windows is supported. Version 5.0.8 includes a binary installer, compiled and tested with Mingw-64. Note: Ebuild, tarball and package names have been changed to a setting which is congruent with rpm, deb and ebuild methods.
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