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******* CuteSDR *********** The CuteSDR application is a simple demodulation and spectrum display program developed in the multi-platform development environment Qt("Cute"). http://qt-project.org/ Its primary purpose is for spawning custom applications or for educational use. It is NOT a full featured program as it is purposely kept simple in order for developers to more easily spin off their own applications. A further goal was to use only the stock functionality of Qt, ie no libraries or special drivers. This limits CuteSDR to using only a network connection. CuteSDR has only a network interface and will directly support the RFSPACE NetSDR and SDR-IP radios or the SDR-IQ/14 using a Windows only network server application. Release History: Version 1.00 Initial release 2011-03-27 Version 1.01 release 2011-04-26 Fixed some compile issues with other compilers/OS's Added new NetSDR support for down converter option Version 1.02 release 2011-05-28 Allow up to 20KHz Sideband bandwidth adjustment Added "In Use" Network Discovery status Version 1.04 release 2011-10-20 Added Wide band FM stereo/RDS demod Various tweaks and modifications to the DSP/Interface sections Version 1.05 release 2012-02-11 Recompiled with Qt version 4.8 Fixed bug where span frequency was not restored Extended CW offset range to 1500 for WSPR reception. Qt 4.8 fixed UDP close-rebind bug so can now close UDP port Removed Various compile warnings Version 1.10 release 2013-03-27 Converted to QT 5.0.1 Dev tools Various modifications to the soundcard and network sections Tinkered with main GUI layout and added cursor display option Version 1.11 release 2013-07-28 Converted to QT 5.1.0 Dev tools Fixed Server Disconnect bug Added macros for single or double precision math compile Version 1.13 release 2014-02-23 Converted to QT 5.2 Dev tools Expanded frequency ranges Version 1.14 release 2014-07-12 Converted to QT 5.3.0 Dev tools Added squelch control for modes other than FM OSX version available again
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