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This is the top directory with access to the binaries and sources of the deductive database system ConceptBase.cc. Further information about ConceptBase.cc is at http://conceptbase.cc Folders: VM Appliances: pre-configured images of virtual machines that include the binaries and sources of ConceptBase.cc. You just VirtualBox or another compatible virtual machine software to run ConceptBase.cc. Use this option if you want to take full advantage of the system. Sources: all sources of the ConceptBase.cc system. The sources are written in multiple programming languages (Prolog, C, C++, Java). Consequently, the make files are rather complex and you need to configure your computer with a number of compilers. Instructions on how to do this are included for the Linux platform. Binaries: pre-compiled binaries of ConceptBase.cc. The full system is included in cb*-linux.zip which includes binaries for Linux (32bit and 64bit) and Solaris. If you only need the user interface, then you can use cblient.zip. The cbclient is recommended for Windows. It lacks the ConceptBase.cc server and connects instead to a public ConceptBase.cc server. ConceptBase.cc is free software distributed ander a FreeBSD-style license. http://conceptbase.sourceforge.net/CB-FreeBSD-License.txt
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