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Welcome to the ISO page of the Chakra-Project

Here you will find the latest stable release ISO's


It is 3 years this week the late Chakra-Project founder Jan Mette, called a team meeting to discuss his plans to have Chakra continue as an independent distribution. With this first release of "Benz" (a code name that will follow the KDE 4.10 series), it would have been so nice to know if he'd agreed with how the Chakra-Project team executed his dream. With the code name "Benz" we are back to using names of famous engineers, with this one, we'd like to honor the German roots of Chakra by using one of the top German engineers.

KDE 4.10 is about the most polished release KDE has put out to date, for all the highlights visit KDE news. One feature that stands out is the fast improvements of nepomuk, please read all about it nepomuk-cleaner

Our tools have gotten a lot of attention too, the live ISO has switched to using GFXboot, this will give many more options for language and keyboard settings, adds quite a few hardware checking tools in a visual pleasing way. Tribe has now a dedicated keyboard page, this will avoid issues in setting the desired keyboard correctly. Marble is better integrated, locale selection improved. The Chakra artwork theme "Dharma" is fully updated, and integration is set for all parts of the live ISO, grub bootloader, KDM and the installed desktop.

As for the repositories, most noteworthy updates are Linux 3.7.6, the first kernel that fixes the Samsung laptop issues. Nvidia and Catalyst are at their latest version, so are the free graphics drivers. Qtwebkit is updated to 2.3, which brings full WebGl support back, adds Caret browsing, support for spellchecking and animated scrolling in Qt browsers. Mariadb has replaced MySql. Boost 1.52.0, Icu 50.1.2, Mesa 9.0.2, Poppler 0.22.0, Openjpeg 1.5.1, PyQt 4.9.6, Networkmanager, Virtuoso 6.1.6, Phonon-backend-gstreamer 4.6.3, Calligra 2.6.0, LibreOffice 3.6.5, are among the many updated to their latest version. As always the bundles are fully updated, for example Firefox 18.0.2, Chromium 24.0.1312.68, GIMP 2.8.4 and BlueGriffon 1.6.1.

The Chakra-Project team is fully aware a distribution is far more judged by what is not accomplished yet, than by what is. Though many of the things we set out to get done 3 years ago are implemented, there still are three major features missing. Most obvious is no GUI for package management. Our own package manager, Akabei, is in Alpha 2, not ready to be used. Tribe's partition page is missing the Solid integration one of our devs worked on during the last GSoC, to have automated partitioning and support for LVM, RAID, LUKS and the likes, which we know are needed for a complete, modern installer. Plus the option to choose a minimal/netinstall is needed.

A good start is to read our Wiki or visit our Forums. To create reliable installation media, please follow the instructions in the wiki. Chakra's ISO's do not support unetbootin, and CD/DVD's need a burn speed no higher than 4x.


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