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Welcome to the ISO page of the Chakra-Project

Here you will find the latest stable release ISO's


The Chakra Development Team is proud to announce the second Archimedes release, this codename follows the KDE SC 4.8 series.

From this release on, Chakra is no longer shipping a GUI for package management. Appset-qt was the GUI for pacman, but was not handling complex updates as should, so it is dropped from this ISO. In the initial phase of using a build from scratch package manager, there will be no GUI for package management either, so this is a good time to let any user get accustomed to this situation. Pacman is the cli frontend for package management, the online package viewer is there for additional info and searches. With this release KDE is updated to 4.8.2, kernel to Linux 3.2.8, Qt to 4.8.1, updated sound stack, krb5, phonon packages, to name a few of the newer base packages included. A switch from modulue-init-tools to kmod has taken place too. With this release we offer:

  • KDE 4.8.2
  • Linux 3.2.8 (3.0.22 optional)
  • Qt 4.8.1
  • DVD image, including all locales and a nice selections of apps
  • minimal CD image you can build your desktop on
  • tomoyo-tools 2.5 added to a default install, for more security options
  • wqy-microhei became the new default font for Chinese/Japanese/Korean
  • QtWebkit 2.2.1
  • updated initscripts with the option to test systemd
  • Switch to kmod

For all our GTK fans we added some more popular GTK-apps as bundles. You can download them from our bundle page and run them with a simple double-click right away.

A good start is to read our Wiki or visit our Forums. To create reliable installation media, please follow the instructions in the wiki. Chakra's ISO's do not support unetbootin, and CD/DVD's need a burn speed no higher then 4x.


  • x86-64 DVD a3e5c1e4992415cdaa5adcc950c85ee8
  • i686 DVD 4c81f93b0f14fc6f5e3caec6c889f943
  • x86_64 CD 0671749e241d203700eade73e9bc3ffe
  • i686 CD 34f365045ef2087304dd782bce98aefa
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