CAM XML Editor for XML+JSON+Hibernate+SQL Open-XDX sponsored by Oracle

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The CAM editor is the leading open source XML Editor/Validation/Schema toolset for rapidly building / deploying XML /JSON /Hibernate /SQL data exchanges. Visual WYSIWYG structure design, rule entry wizards and drag & drop dictionary components. Will import, analyze / refactor from XML Schema / JSON.

Oracle is a proud enterprise sponsor; plus NIEM.gov support and now SQL data import/map+ Open Data API delivery+ Hibernate JPA

Creates XSD schema (default, flatten, NIEM, & OASIS modes) + JAXB bindings; Mindmap or UML models(XMI); XML unit test suite and live SQL data; HTML docs + spreadsheets (NIEM IEPDs). Makes canonical component dictionaries from schema sets, SQL, JSON, ERwin models, or spreadsheets.

The XML CAM templates (OASIS standard) store the exchange structure, content model, code list values, DBMappings, SQL lookups+business rules (XPath). Java CAMV XML/JSON validation engine is a complete exchange test framework [XMLUnit, TEAM(Schematron)].

Java/Eclipse +Saxon/XSL


  • Visually design XML exchange structures
  • Oracle sponsorship
  • Create realistic XML test instances with SQL data
  • CAMV XML validation engine and unit test
  • Ant scripted XML Test Suites
  • SQL table lookups and XPath rules
  • SQL store mapping and XML designer
  • Modelling and Canonical Dictionaries
  • Mindmap and UML/XMI models
  • JAXB binding generation
  • JAX-WS validation services
  • Uses XSLT and Saxon
  • Test, Evaluation, And Measurement (TEAM) XML test suite development
  • NIEM IEPD support
  • Open Data API support
  • JDBC SQL store connections
  • Output SQL data to XML
  • Spreadsheet data integration
  • JSON handling
  • XML Unit Test for Java
  • Generate Hibernate JPA XSD
  • Generate MySQL DDL scripts


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Thanks for Camprocessor, it's wonderful!

Posted 05/14/2013
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I recomend this software, and the developer team is very helpful

Posted 12/20/2012
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Good and useful software

Posted 12/18/2012
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Very nice app.

Posted 10/19/2012
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Fast, Functional, Simple and Efficient.

Posted 06/09/2012
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Oracle SourceForge Sponsored


Oracle is a proud sponsor of the CAM project and its application to the National Information Exchange Model initiative along with XML information exchanges for public sector applications. A CAM Editor with NIEM capabilities Quick Guide is available. Also the JAX-WS Java Starter Kit for Oracle and NIEM is now available here. You can learn more at the Oracle NIEM web site. Follow the latest news, articles and insights into CAM and XML from the XMLOrb blog site.

OASIS Open CAM Standard SourceForge Sponsored

OASIS Open CAM Standard

The OASIS open public standards organization has published the OASIS CAM (Content Assembly Mechanism) member standard.

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