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Some changes in Budgeter 0.1.18 ------------------------------- - Fixed some user interface bugs caused by the upgrade to Qt 5.2. Sub-categories can now be used reliably again. Some changes in Budgeter 0.1.17 ------------------------------- - Fixed SQLite usage in Windows by upgrading to Qt 5.2, i.e. SQLite 3.7.17. The queries were executed incorrectly in v0.1.16 because I relied on a side-effect of the MAX() function which is only effective for SQLite >= 3.7.11. Some changes in Budgeter 0.1.16 ------------------------------- - Sub-categories are usable in the Balances and Summary views. - Drag and drop is visually smoother, with a line indicating where the drag is from and the drop is to. - Printing is mostly broken in this version. It will be fixed in a later version. If you rely on printing, do not upgrade Budgeter yet. Some changes in Budgeter 0.1.15 ------------------------------- - Add Salary and Add Interest allow adding new items (bug fix). Some changes in Budgeter 0.1.14 ------------------------------- - Fixed program crash when upgrading some databases. Some changes in Budgeter 0.1.13 ------------------------------- - Loading of Balances form is faster. - Transactions form in Windows is faster (compiled with newer SQLite library). - Entities can be created and used. - Many bug fixes.
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