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BrainFix v0.42 Tested successfully with g++-4.6 and g++-4.7. Not compatible with older versions of GCC. To install, make the install.sh script executable: $ chmod u+x install.sh And run: $ ./install.sh This should generate 2 executables: - bfx - bf2c The first is the BrainFix compiler, which can be used to translate a BrainFix source file into the BrainFuck Language. The resulting BrainFuck-source can then be translated using the second executable: bf2c. This will generate a C-source file which can be compiled with a C-compiler of your choice. See also the manual (manual.pdf) for the language and compilation details. Happy BrainFucking/Fixing! jorenheit [0x40] gmail [0x2E] com New since version 0.41: * More extensive manual, including implementation details. * Added logical NOT (!) operator.
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