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Back Orifice XP is a network remote administration tool, gives control of the system, network, registry, passwords, file system, and processes. Based in BO2K 1.1 but with a new plugin architecture.

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  • ok2play
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    OID, you are partially correct. Back Orifice is not a virus, it is a Trojan, however most non-technical people consider all kinds of malware a virus. I mean just use a little common sense and look at the name "Back Orifice". Back Orifice is a Trojan/ backdoor. It allows attackers to take full control of an attacked computer similar to the way, Windows XP Remote Desktop functions, except that Back Orifice works without the user's knowledge. The program has been around since 1999, but is now marketed as an administrative tool rather than a hackers tool. Be aware use of this tool rather than Remote Desktop without permission to install it on that users computer could end up with a prison sentence. Google you local laws and you will see most anywhere in the US it is illegal to access anyone's data, modify anyone's data, copy anyone's data, basically do anything to anyone's IT devices or data without there permission and this tool let's you do that!!! You have been warned, you at your own risk. Not knowing the laws or what you are doing is not a free ticket out of jail!!!!!!

    Posted 09/27/2013
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System Administrators

User Interface

Win32 (MS Windows)

Programming Language

Assembly, C, C++


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