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BeerXML2BrewTroller README The BeerXML2BrewTroller application parses a BeerXML file and uses the BTnic Ruby module to download the recipe to a BrewTroller. The BeerXML2BrewTroller application has been tested on Windows 7 and Windows XP. The Ruby Source has been tested on Ubuntu 11.10. No installation is required to upload and download recipes. The user must idenfity which COM port their BrewTroller is attached to. This can be accomplished by right-clicking My Computer -> Manage -> Device Manager -> Ports and look for the number in the form of COMx. In the BeerXML2BrewTroller application, the Serial Port box must be changed to reflect the number found in the Device Manager. Temperature logging requires gnuplot. The .zip archive contains a gnuplot installer. During gnuplot installation select the add gnuplot to your PATH env variable, otherwise the app won't be albe to use gnuplot. Enjoy and happy brewing!
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