aria2 is a multi-protocol & multi-source, cross platform download utility. The supported protocols are HTTP(S), FTP, BitTorrent, Metalink. It can download a file from multiple sources/protocols and tries to utilize your maximum download bandwidth.

aria2 1.15.2

Release Note

This release fixes several critical bugs. It also adds new features
such as TLS SNI and CORS support. The --file--allocation option now
take another value trunc. The new option --enalbe-mmap was added.
aria2 now uses system-wide SSL/TLS certificates by default, which
eliminates the requirement to specify --ca-certificate option.


* Catch exception from Socket::getPeerInfo() when pooling connection.
  Socket::getPeerInfo() may fail if its TCP connection has already
  disconnected. In this case, we log this error. The success or
  failure of pooling connection should not affect the later execution
  of the program. This bug may cause segmentation fault if
  Socket::getPeerInfo() throws exception during pooling connection
  after successful tracker request.

* Fixed assertion error if --retry-wait is used.  In
  CreateRequestCommand, if Request object returned from getRequest()
  is still sleeping, CreateRequestCommand pools it back but still
  holds its reference. This makes assertion error in
  UnknownLengthPieceStroage::hasMissingUnusedPiece() from

* Added new file allocation method called 'trunc'. --file-allocation
  option can now take new value 'trunc'. 'trunc' uses ftruncate()
  system call or platform-specific counterpart to truncate a file to a
  specified length.

* Use int64_t instead of off_t.  Using off_t, at least, in DiskAdaptor
  layer is problematic because torrent can contain under 2GiB files
  but total sum of those files may exceed 2GiB limit, which makes
  off_t overflow in 32 bit system without large file support. So we
  use int64_t in API. We'll check the file length before download so
  that it does not exceed max off_t.

* Added TLS SNI support.

* Rewritten timegm replacement function.  The algorithm is based on
  Python 2.7 calendar.timegm.

* Use system-wide certificates for SSL.  Use system-wide certificates
  for SSL.  For GnuTLS it requires the latest version, 3.0.20. OpenSSL
  had it for longer.  This means that if SSL library is properly
  configured to locate system-wide certificates store, the user don't
  have to use --ca-certificate option. Also packagers don't have to
  use --with-ca-bundle configure option.  Patch from Cristian Morales

* Fixed base64::decode() return "" if input ends with garbage and no

* Changed default Peer ID prefix. The new Peer ID prefix is
  "A2-$MAJOR-$MINOR-$MICRO-", where $MAJOR, $MINOR and $MICRO are the
  major version, the minor version and the micro version
  respectively. For instance, 1.15.2 release of aria2 will use

* Don't percent-decode filename value in Content-Disposition.  We only
  percent-decode filename* value in Content-Disposition because the
  encoding is fully specified. But since filename value is not, so we
  just accept it as is.

* Don't sum in-flight piece which does not intersect filtered ranges.
  When calculating completed length, don't sum the completed length of
  piece which does not intersect filtered ranges.

* Fixed segmentation fault when logger failed to open log file.

* Added ARIA2_STATIC precious variable to configure option.  To build
  statically linked aria2 binary, give ARIA2_STATIC=yes to configure,
  like this:
  $ ./configure ARIA2_STATIC=yes

* Use PRId64 for int64_t format specifier

* Handle the case when MINGW32 vsnprintf returns -1. MINGW32 vsnprintf
  returns -1 if output is truncated.  Increased buffer for vsnprintf
  in WinConsoleFile and fmt.

* Added --enable-mmap option.  If this option is used, map files into
  memory using mmap(2).  This option is experimental.

* Added CORS preflight request support in RPC interface. This change
  is based on the patch from binux.


aria2 1.15.1

Release Note

This release fixes the bug that prevents --bt-lpd-interface from
working. If some options sent by RPC request are not acceptable for
the download type, they are now simply ignored instead of rejecting
RPC request entirely. The aria2 RPC server now returns 4XX error code
if the request is not valid in the HTTP level. To improve packaging,
--with-bashcompletiondir configure option was added. This option
overrides where the aria2c bash_completion file is going to be
installed. All manual pages are now generated by Sphinx.


* Return appropriate HTTP status code on RPC failure.  In this change,
  we return 404 if the request path is neither /json-rpc nor /rpc. If
  XML feature is not enabled and /rpc is requested, return 404.  If
  XML parser failed, return 400. JSON parser failure has been handled
  well in the existing code.

* Ignore unacceptable options in RPC request instead of throwing
  error.  This change allows RPC client to send same options for the
  different type of downloads.

* Handle sockaddr_in.sin_len and sockaddr_in6.sin6_len.  Check
  sockaddr_in.sin_len and sockaddr_in6.sin6_len are available and
  assign values to them properly.  This change fixes unit test error
  and most error related to getnameinfo() on netbsd.

* Removed dependency on inet_aton.  Implemented inetPton as a
  replacement of inet_aton. inetPton is implemented using
  net::getBinAddr.  This change fixes bug#3525424.

* Added --with-bashcompletiondir configure option.  By default,
  bash_completion file named aria2c is installed to the directory
  $prefix/share/doc/aria2/bash_completion.  To change the install
  directory of the file, use --with-bashcompletiondir option.

* Converted README.asciidoc into README.rst

* Use Sphinx for aria2 manual page documentation.  The source files
  for manual pages are placed under doc/manual-src.  The manual pages
  are generated under doc/manual-src/$LANG/_build. The HTML version
  manual page was dropped from the distribution archive.

* Fixed the bug which prevents --bt-lpd-interface from working.
  Fixes bug#3520125


aria2 1.15.0

Release Note

This release adds JSON-RPC over WebSocket. It uses the same
request/response JSON objects with existing JSON-RPC over HTTP and
adds event notifications from server to client. See manpage for
details. TLS hostname check is rewritten based on RFC 6125 and it is
used for both GNUTLS and OpenSSL builds. The
--bt-remove-unselected-file option was added. This option removes the
unselected files when BitTorrent download is completed.


* Use CreateProcessW instead of CreateProcessA in MinGW build.  This
  means filename is now passed as wchar string, not UTF-8 encoded char

* Check with pkg-config only: c-ares, openssl, sqlite3 and zlib.
  Removed --with-*-prefix configure option for c-ares, openssl,
  sqlite3, zlib and expat. Use CPPFLAGS and/or PKG_CONFIG_PATH

* Fixed compile error with i686-w64-mingw32 and x86_64-w64-mingw32
  cross compilers.

* Get the home directory of the effective user ID using getpwuid() if
  $HOME is not defined.

* Don't use locale dependent toupper and tolower.

* Rewritten TLS hostname check based on RFC 6125 for both GNUTLS and
  OpenSSL builds.

* Added --bt-remove-unselected-file option.  Removes the unselected
  files when download is completed in BitTorrent. To select files, use
  --select-file option. If it is not used, all files are assumed to be
  selected. Please use this option with care because it will actually
  remove files from your disk.  This option is default to false.

* Fixed compile error on Open Solaris. Fixes bug#3497518

* Added JSON-RPC over WebSocket.

* Fixed assertion failure if Chunked encoding along with
  Content-Length is used.

* Fixed clang and gcc-4.7 warning and errors.

* Fixed the bug that aria2 cannot read line longer than 4096 bytes
  from the file specified by --input-file option. Fixes bug#3495336