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apugg - a C++ plugin library

What is apugg?

apugg is an object-oriented plugin loading library written in pure C++. It is designed to be usable across platforms, and adding support for new styles of plugins is done by simply inheriting a library class.

How do I install apugg?

apugg is a header-only library. That means that no compilation is needed and no object files or libraries need to be linked with your program, and the only installation needed is copying the headers (in the include directory) to somewhere that your compiler can see it.

What are the license conditions?

apugg is licensed under the GNU LGPL license (see 'license.txt'). For more info about how this applies to a header-only library, see the old Eigen wiki page at [http://eigen.tuxfamily.org/index.php?title=Licensing_FAQ&oldid=1117].

How do I grab the documentation?

The code in the header files is completely documented using Doxygen. You can point Doxygen at 'Doxyfile' in the source distribution to build the HTML docs, and it will build into the doxygen/html directory. There are also some docs on the project wiki, at [http://sourceforge.net/p/apugg].

How do I grab the latest version of apugg?

apugg is hosted on SourceForge at [http://sourceforge.net/p/apugg], and there are downloads there that include the entire library, along with examples and a tutorial.

How do I contribute?

See 'contribute.md'.

What is the difference between pugg and apugg?

apugg was forked from pugg with the intention to provide a more comprehensive feature set and a faster update cycle. pugg can be found at [http://pugg.sourceforge.net], and if you need a stable plugin library that does not change often and has a large user base, go check it out.

Source: readme.md, updated 2013-05-20