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xf_wint1 : Generate a list of time intervals between two classes of events

xf_hist1d : Produce x- and y-values for a frequency or probability histogram

xf_percentiled1 : get the percentiles in aan array of double-precision numbers (.01,.025,.05,.1,.25,.5,.75,.90,.95,.975,.99)

xf_percentilef1 : get the percentiles in aan array of floating-point numbers (.01,.025,.05,.1,.25,.5,.75,.90,.95,.975,.99)

xf_statsd2 : Calculate mean, SEM, skew etc. for an array of type double. Includes option to use a two-pass method for calculating variance, which can prevent overflow errors when dealing with very large datasets.

xf_statsi2 : As above, for an array of type int.

xf_statsf2 : As above, for an array of type float.

xf_statsf : Faster version of xf_statsf2 which skips calculation of skew.

Data Transformation

xf_normd : Normalize an array of numbers (two types: 0-1 or z-scores)


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