Cannot Connect to ZNC

  • Nicarlo

    Hey guys,

    I just installed the latest ZNC software on a debian machine and after i did a makeconf, i ran znc.

    It connects to the irc server without a problem but when i try to connect to ZNC /server ipaddress +port, it doesnt allow me to connect. It just hangs at the connecting to ipaddress +port.

    Once thing i have realized, if i use another client other then mirc it will work ... anyone got any ideas ?

    • Steven

      I'm assuming you've set up ZNC to accept SSL connections, which is what the plus sign in +port is used for.

      If this is the case, read up on SSL and mIRC. You need to obtain OpenSSL libraries for mIRC to utilise SSL. For more info, in mIRC, type (in any window): /help ssl support

      If you've not set up ZNC to accept SSL connections, try connecting without the plus sign i.e. /server ipaddress port

      Good luck.

    • Are you using any kind of firewall on your Debian machine ? my guess is that you are and the port is not open.