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Autoop doesn't work

  • Hi!

    I'm trying to use the autoop module on my znc bouncer 0.092 (from debian). If i use the __NOKEY__ Password this works without a problem and the users get op.
    But for security reasons i want to set a password so i've added the users who should give autoop with the same password to each other. Now the autoop doesn't work anymore and i can't find any hints how to solve this.

    How can i get autoop to work with passwords? Thanks in advance for a reply

  • autoop with a password needs the other user to be using znc's autoop, too.

    If both of you are using autoop: Are you or "the other one" getting any error messages?

  • Hi!

    First thanks for your reply.

    I have 4 users which have the autoop module enabled. Each user has the other 3 users in the autoop list and no user is getting any error messages. Now i will try to run znc with the -D flag, maybe i get some more infos about this problem in this output.

  • If it works with __NOKEY__, there really should be some kind of error message with a real key. Any such error messages would be sent to a user via a message from *autoop. I doubt that -debug will be helpful.

    BTW, now that it really matters, but which ZNC version are you using?

  • s/now/not/, sorry

  • Arghhs, a big sorry from me.

    I have copied the .registry file from one user to the /autoop/ directory and thought a simple .rehash should work. After a restart the autoop works now without a problem.