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Zero RRD Framework / News: Recent posts

VMs for zerod

While you will normally deploy zero-agent to a lot of nodes, zerod provides the central service.
With VirtualBox and VMWare images, it's now very easy to setup your infrastructure for Zero FrameWork. Just fire up one of them, the VirtualBox will listen on port 9080 of the host, VMware needs special NAT configuration for public access.

Posted by Holger Paschke 2009-01-13

Zero RRD Framework: Major Update

This RRDTool Framework provides a central HTTP-based service for import into standard RRD DBs and graph generation. A lightweight, easily extendable agent for the data sources is pushing updates with minimal resource consumption on the master service.

Please find the latest release in the subversion repository:
zerod at https://zerod.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/zerod/zerod/trunk
zero-agent at https://zerod.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/zerod/zero-agent/trunk

Posted by Holger Paschke 2009-01-09

Forthcoming Update

Please find screenshots of the upcoming release on this site.
The development status refers just to the installability, in fact this framework is already running for years serving RRD data for thousands of hosts without major problems, showing very nice performance and scalability.

Posted by Holger Paschke 2008-12-31