#103 Include Notes, Sound, Image and all info to backup/restore

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The Backup/Restore function do prefectly backup and restore categories, but they do backup the Notes, Sound or Images (i.e. the path to these two files as recorded in the 'Sound' and 'Image' fields).

Also the order of the Categories is lost. For example, if sb created the main category 'MyChineseBook' with as sub categories 'Lesson1' and 'Lesson2‘,then after restore, the 'Lesson1' and 'Lesson2' will be just a main category.

Request: have Backup/Restore preserving Category order and relationships, Notes, Sound and Image.

A suggestion is to review the possibility to include this in the 'Export' function. At this moment the Export function can only Export one Category, while Backup can do multiple. The output files of Export are (usually) not aware of categories. Another option is to simply copy the user.script file. The restore function should then have a feature to read this copy and selectively restore categories from it or simply replace it completely.

(see also: http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/40805-backuprestore-does-not-include-notes/#entry306816\)

This functionality is not critical, but still very useful if the user wants to play safe. Also a user doesn't expect that Notes are excluded from the backup. Priority level 5.

PS: Is there any other relevant info/status not included in the backup?