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Xymon 4.3.20 Released

Xymon 4.3.20 has been released to SF and is now available for download in the Files area.

4.3.20 fixes several long-standing issues dealing with 'summary' reports, pullclient requests, and memory reporting on recent Linux kernels. Some nifty additional functionality includes:

  • multiple graphs can be displayed (automatically) on a single status report
  • HEAD-only URL checks can be performed
  • the raw clientlog now gets its own column on xymon pages, allowing more direct access by users (this can be disabled with the 'noclient' tag)... read more
Posted by Japheth Cleaver 2015-05-15 Labels: release 4.3.20 4.3.x 4.x xymon monitoring linux unix

Xymon 4.3.0 release candidate available

The 4.3.0 RC1 version of Xymon is now available in the Sourceforge "Files" area. Changes from beta-3 are mostly bugfixes, but there are also changes to the Solaris client (improved swap analysis); limits on the amount of disk space that historical logs will occupy; better detection of flapping statuses; and improvements to the GIF's and stylesheets.

Posted by Henrik Storner 2011-01-23

Xymon 4.2.3 released

Version 4.2.3 of the Xymon monitoring package has been released. This is the final bug-fix version of the 4.2.x series - it solves a problem with DNS testing, and a problem with ACK cookies that could crash hobbitd.

Posted by Henrik Storner 2009-02-22

Xymon (previously Hobbit) 4.2.2 is available

Xymon version 4.2.2 is now available. This is an update to the 4.2.0 version of Hobbit (project was renamed for legal reasons). This release is an interim release, which adds out-of-the-box support for a number of popular add-ons, e.g. BBWin and Devmon. It also adds several new features to the core package, and fixes a long list of bugs.

Posted by Henrik Storner 2008-12-16

Hobbit sourcecode now in Subversion

I've uploaded the code and revision history for Hobbit to the Subversion repository here on Sourceforge. This is to facilitate more developers to contribute to the project.

Posted by Henrik Storner 2008-08-19

Hobbit 4.2.0 released

Hobbit 4.2.0 is now available. This release adds:

* Full client support
* Pull-style data collection from clients
* Automatic client updates
* New "Acknowledgment" webpage
* New "Critical Systems" view
* New "Metrics report" for comparing graphs
* Lots of other improvements

Posted by Henrik Storner 2006-08-10

Release of Hobbit 4.1.2p2

An important security related bug was found in all Hobbit 4.x versions of Hobbit. Version 4.1.2p2 solves this bug; upgrading is recommended.

Posted by Henrik Storner 2006-08-02

4.1.2 release candidate available

The 4.1.2 release candidate is now available, includ ing a lot of bugfixes and some improvements. The final release is expected around Oct. 10 2005.

Posted by Henrik Storner 2005-10-03

Hobbit monitor 4.0 released

Hobbit monitor - an Open Source systems- and network-monitor inspired by Big Brother - has been released. Hobbit is an easy-to-use monitoring tool for networked servers, and scales from the small network up to networks of several thousand hosts. Demonstration site at http://www.hswn.dk/hobbit/ - download at http://sourceforge.net/projects/hobbitmon/

Posted by Henrik Storner 2005-03-31