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Read Me

This is the first prototype of a simple XMPP (aka Jabber) chat bot,
using the AIML interface to PandoraBots.

The official web site for this project is

This perl application is platform-independent, has no configuration file,
and requires only a perl interpreter and following free modules:

You may be able install the above modules by running the following command:
	cpan Net::AIML AnyEvent::XMPP::IM::Connection String::CRC32

The daemon itself requires no installer or special privileges, just needs
to be executed as a user who has sufficient access to perform DNS lookups
and make network connections to and to your preferred
XMPP service.

You may need to edit the first line of the script to set the location of
your perl interpreter.  You may also choose to hardcode the account
credentials (Jabber ID and password) in the script rather than passing
them on the command line.  See for a sample startup script.

The script has a default AI personality, you can customize the AI and
script by registering your own bot at PandoraBots and changing the
PANDORABOT variable in the script.  To register, and create a chat script,
visit and click "Account Sign-up".

Please use SourceForge to report any bugs or suggest enhancements via
the services at


Kevin Kadow